Vision Statement •  To become a leading player in solar thermal field      •  Providing innovative, qualitative and economical solutions      •  To reduce considerably the power consumption in air conditioning and refrigeration space      •  And to make a significant contribution to the reduction of global carbon emission.
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Custom made solutions for every Solar thermal need Turn-key solutions from design to Installation.
Solar A/C
Solar air conditioning refers to an air conditioning (cooling) system that uses solar power, power from the heat obtained...
Why Solar?
The market for cold supply is increasing especially in warmer climates, but also in temperature regions.
Water Vapors move from Generator to Condenser where it is condensed by Cooling Water.
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About VSM Solar
  VSM SOLAR PRIVATE LIMITED (VSM Solar) is a Joint venture Company between "Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Germany" and VSM ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED, through the directors, Mrs. Mythili Sampath and Mr. Srinivasan Sampath, Bangalore. Fraunhofer holds 25% of Equity in this JVCO.

VSM Solar has been established with a view to design, manufacture and install solar air conditioning, refrigeration, cold storage and other cooling solutions in India, Srilanka and Bangladesh.

For this purpose, VSM Solar has entered in to license and technical Assistance agreement with Fraunhofer UMSICHT, one of the 59 Institutes cum Profit Centers of Fraunhofer.

The manufacturing and R&D facility is coming up in the KIADB Industrial Estate in Bommasandra, Bangalore.

The facility is being set up for the manufacture of 22,100 TR of solar air conditioning systems per annum

The building has been designed by the German architectural firm, Boehm Architekten headed by Prof. Stephan Boehm, who is also one of our directors.

The building is proposed to be a LEEDS certified Platinum Building.

A 100 TR (Ton of cooling) solar air conditioning plant is being installed in the above plant to cool the entire factory building that will also serve as a demonstration plant for solar air conditioning

The Company will be using solar thermal conversions technology like Absorption chiller systems and contemporary systems with technology from Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Germany for the solar air conditioning, cold storage and other refrigeration systems with advanced electronic control systems.

The Techno Economic viability study for this project has been done by the leading Institute, Indian Institute of Technology (IITM), Chennai

The time is ripe now for solar air conditioning in India, due to the
•  Increased awareness about the necessity to use renewable energy like solar heat
•  Looming difficulties due to the depleting reserves of Fossil fuels
•  Increased requirement in power to support the projected GDP growth and the growing power shortage    situation.
•  Global warming and other dangers due to excessive carbon emissions
•  Increased efforts from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)
•  Attractive financial assistance and incentives offered for advances in the renewable energy space
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